Ram Vish – November 11th, at 7: Hi I have got TP router but not able to connet tata phton plus 2g. I have to buy on internet. Hi, First of all Thanks for great information. Do you own any one of these Wi -Fi 3G modems or routers? Kumar – November 22nd, at 2: I also tried to connect airtel 3g dongle , which got connected instantaneously.

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Prithvi – January 18th, at 2: Dennis – December 30th, at 2: I will like to be updated on the technological information you are offering. Plaban – September 28th, at Yes, some routers have a LAN port using which you can create a wired network.

If so give me a link about knowing how to do it. Julian Sebastian – February 27th, at 4: If you have multiple devices at home that you need to have a data connection on zte usb storage fff1 usb device go for any reliable Wi -Fi 3G modem or router mentioned above.

No, you have storagf use external 3G Modem with it.

Best 3G WiFi Router & Portable 3G WiFi Modem to Share Internet

But the coverage will be less. Pravakar – October 21st, at 2: You can buy Wi-Fi routers online.

I have configured this router to work with a ethernet based internet provider and I am able to use this as a wifi router. Plaban – February 26th, at I have a samsung galaxy tab 2.

Plaban – November 20th, at Thanks, e is Fgf1 discontinued. Check the Huawei 3G routers. Have you tried this? Both are same http: The advantage of using a sim based portable wi fi 3G modem router is that I can use it on multiple devices, right? Yes, the Lava router has Rj connectivity. Zte usb storage fff1 usb device use tata photon pluse connection with it to access Internet on samsung a wifi tab 2.

I use BSNL a zte usb storage fff1 usb device data card with 3. Which one do u recommend. My desktop does not have wifi feature but can work only on wired internet connection. I am planning to but nexus 7 tab with wifiso when I go through the net I came accross about mobile hotspot, so could you please let me deevice how I can connect the tab with hotspot.

Best 3G WiFi Router & Portable 3G WiFi Modem to Share Internet

Plaban – November 11th, at Hi Plaban, i need your advice aggain! I should order tp-link online.

I would like an option to convert it to 3G hotspot wifi hotspot. Jyoti – November 23rd, at 5: For my ipad2, is was looking for a portable wifi router that can work on my reliance 2g dongle. Ram Vish – November 28th, at 6: Let me answer your questions one by one.

It is powered by a mAh battery which will offer up to 4 hours usage time. Plaban – December 3rd, at Smeyta – September 22nd, at 6: Hi Gautam, What is the model number of your Micromax modem?

Thanks for the reply Bro.