At this time Vivitar had employees. Fixed-mount Kino Precision-made lenses similar in appeareance to the Komine diamond rubber-ring family. Similar in appearance to the T-4 family which was also manufactured by Tokina and marketed around the same time, these lenses usually have all-black metal design with longitudinal ridges on the focus ring. Vivitar provided overseas manufacturers with valuable specifications and equipment designs. If it is all black and has a textured rubber focus ring, it was likely marketed around the time of the TX family or later ca or later. The corporate name was changed to Vivitar Corp.

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Some of these lens are extensively documented in the John C. At this time Vivitar had employees.

This family of lenses was the first to add fixed mounts for the Konica Autoreflex mount aka Konica AR mount. Concord’s President, Victor M. Most of were unusual, original designs subcontracted to a variety of lens manufacturers. While the majority equipment bore the “Vivitar” name alone, several variants were also used 315s the years: The most well known variant is “Vivitar Series 1″ a badge created for the highest end equipment viivcam after the dissolution of the company, the vivicam 3105s Series 1” label began to be used vivicam 3105s with the plain “Vivitar” badging.

The badge was used vivicam 3105s the late s and was later replaced by the Vivitar Series 1 badge.

The year after the takeover Vivitar experienced a four million dollar profit. Similar in appearance to vivicam 3105s T-4 family which was also manufactured by Tokina and marketed around the same time, these lenses vivicam 3105s have all-black metal design with vivicam 3105s ridges on the focus ring.

Vivitar prevailed in vivicam 3105s case but the US appealed and won, meaning that US customs could continue to allow the import of unauthorized Vivitar badged equipment and it would be up to Vivitar to discover and pursue the individual US importers who received the unauthorized goods and file suit against them under other parts of the trademark law. Wolf book, The Vivitar Guide. Fixed-mount Kino Precision-made lenses similar in appeareance vivicam 3105s the Komine diamond rubber-ring family.

Due to Betensky’s associations with Perkin-Elmer, Opcon was able to access the latest computer technology for use in the Series 1 design work, leading to highly complex optical designs unlike any previous zoom lenses. The company itself is gone now but the Vivitar brand was purchased and continues to be used for marketing photographic gear. The application states that the name Vivitar was first used in commerce in November of T-4 mount adapters for most common camera mounting types were available.

vivicam 3105s

All the Type 3 T mounts were made by Kino Precision. The deal did not include Vivitar’s equipment or facilities. Vivicam 3105s was named president of Vivitar. Lenses in this family were manufactured by Kino Precision. These are the first automatic, fixed-mount lenses marketed by Vivicam 3105s.

The shift to autofocus cameras and later vivicamm digital cameras created difficult transitions, leading vivicam 3105s a series of mergers, ownership changes, and eventual bankruptcy in This page has been accessed 77, times.

By Vivicwm has reached million US dollars in annual sales. Vivitar provided overseas manufacturers with 3150s specifications and equipment designs. Research and serial number collection is ongoing to identify and group these lenses in families by manufacturer. Jan [2] and John C. The Chrome Nose lens family was marketed starting in July of through They also had to switch manufacturers from time to time depending on what was being offered to them. Later they began selling rebranded gear under the Vivitar name and vivicam 3105s began designing and, in a few cases, manufacturing their own Vivitar gear.

Only Pentax K mount versions of these lenses were sold. Betensky originated the idea of altering the vivicam 3105s space between vivicam 3105s elements as the focus changed, resulting in close focusing capabilities that far exceed other lens designs of the era.

Vivitar – 01 – The free camera encyclopedia

The TX lens family are interchangeable mount lenses that supercede the T-4 interchangeable mount family. Some Vivitar documents say there are 10 XV lenses but only 9 are described in product lists or otherwise vivicam 3105s. The T-4 family are lenses vivicam 3105s interchangeable mounts.

Marketed ca [45] [46]. In the late s Vivitar vivicam 3105s self-contained, battery-powered auto-focus lenses. These lenses are uncommon today, with the Canon and Nikon mounts bordering on rare. On February 24, Douglas E. Lens mount type and manufacturer is listed vivicam 3105s known.