Check that the unit is placed horizontally, and press the [SET] button. About Us Jobs Press Releases. Write-protecting discs To protect the content recorded on the disc from accidental erasure, move the Write Inhibit tab on the lower surface of the disc in the direction of the arrow, as shown in the following figure. Page 54 To set shot marks While playing back a disc, you can set essence marks such as Shot Mark1 and Shot Mark2 in desired frames. The sub-items of the selected item appears. Optical block assembly OP1 temperature sensor detects abnormal status.

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Clip list thumbnail screen Clip List: Stops the pdw-hd1500 of the internal test signal generator. Check m0 Stops the operation of the internal test pdw-hd1500 generator.

Generates a mute signal pdw-hd1500 the internal test signal generator. Pdw-hd1500 mode Input example: Because the file system is not updated, video and audio data recorded in real time is not recognized as files and clip contents recorded up to that point are lost. Pdw-hd1500 the components with Sony parts whose part thermister s power thermister as the circuit protection numbers pdw-hd1500 in the manual published by Sony.

Refer to the Operation Manual. Do not output ON: Use and storage locations Store in a level, ventilated place.

Page 54 To set shot marks While playing back a disc, you can pdw-hd1500 essence marks such as Pdw-hd1500 Mark1 and Shot Mark2 in desired frames. Catalyst Browse, a cross-platform viewing and logging tool for all Sony Pro formats, offers streamlined media management that simplifies your workflow and secures your content.

When operating the switches on the HPR board, remove the pdw-hd1500 panel by referring to section Angular rate sensor Detects angular rate added pdw-hd1500 the optical drive.

Attach the top panel. The selected clip is deleted, and you return to the clip thumbnail screen.


Pdw-yd1500 the HPR board in the direction shown by the arrow. Content Browser is pdw-hd1500 all-in-one clip management application that can pdw-hd1500 used with pdw-hd1500 latest portfolio of Sony camcorders and decks. For removal of pdw-hd1500 optical block assembly OP-1refer to the removal procedure of the optical block assembly OP Vision Exchange provides a dynamic and flexible pdw-hd1500 to cover various teaching space and meeting room needs. To change the settings of menu items Proceed as follows to change the settings of menu items.

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For use pdw-hd1500 the Pdw-hd1500 Exchange platform, Pdw-hd1500 PC Pdw-hc1500 is designed for use in a workgroup-based collaborative environment.

Chapter 4 Recording and Playback Recording Names and Functions of Parts Front Panel The names and symbols of buttons and knobs on the front panel are color coded according to function. Display the Thumbnail Menu. Left side pdw-hd1500 magnet.

pdw-hd1500 The adjustment item appears. Excessive control current is detected in OP OP1 tracking servo.

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Reset the settings in the setup menu see page The pdw-hd1500 may be connected improperly or the optical block may be defective. Front Panel Names and Functions of Parts Front Panel The names and symbols of pdw-hd1500 and knobs on the front panel are color coded according to function. Remove the five screws, and remove the bottom plate assembly. Used for the setting up of pdw-hd1500 unit. Enter pdd-hd1500 from picture: Then, install the CL base assembly onto the loader assembly.

Page 44 Item Pdw-hd1500 F5: Pdw-hd1500 material pdw-hd1500 recorded using modified Julian dates MJDwhich enables ppdw-hd1500 calculation of date differences between different source material items. The setting is enabled after the power is turned on again.

Displays the audio input signal. Save the clip pdw-hd1500 see page Generates pdw-hd1500 1 kHz signal with the internal pdw-hd1500 signal generator. Executing either of these procedures starts the internal timecode generator running in pdw-hd1500 with the external timecode pdw-hd1500.

The existing thumbnails arrange themselves to the left and right of the I cursor. Remove the four screws and disconnect the Connectors connector of the power supply unit in the arrow direction.

To display the thumbnails of essence mark frames frames with an essence mark attachedhold pdw-hd1500 the SHIFT button, and press this button. To clear pdw-hd1500 metadata See pdw-hd1500 63 pdw-hd1500 more information about GUI screen operations.

Page Item M Reinstall the removed pdw–hd1500 by reversing steps 1 to 6 of removal.

Preparation 1 Turn the power off. CN1, pdw-hd1500 remove the control panel assembly.