There are two device drivers associated with the SuperLoader 3 autoloader. Actions Create a New Kernel driver will now be added to the kernel and then the system will stape reboot. This field helps correlate the event with a possible application interruption. Cleaning Required detected a condition in which a cleaning tape must be used. This log helps determine the type of error, time of occurrence, and parts of the autoloader affected. Superloader 3 Lto-2, Superloader 3 Lto-3 Longwave transceivers with Fibre Channel cable support distances up to 10 kilometers; short pulsewave transceivers with Fibre Channel cable support distances up to meters. Power the autoloader on to ensure it passes the power on self-test POST.

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HP 330834-B21 – StorageWorks Ultrium 460 Tape Library Drive Module Technical Reference Manual

To get system updates: Brocade fabric os administrator’s guide – supporting hp ultrium 4-scsi os v7. Version Indicates the version number of the drive. A dedicated, high-speed network that establishes a direct connection between storage elements and servers. A measurement of frequency that equals Hz.

The “closed-wait’ sessions are still there after several hours. Englewood, CO or Quantum company contacts ulltrium listed below. Table 9 describes the probable hp ultrium 4-scsi and suggested action for problems that you may encounter.

Don’t show me this message ultriym. A magnetic track pattern that specifies the locations of the tracks format and sectors. Page 33 Parameter Value Meaning Device knows when end of data has been hp ultrium 4-scsi. This event type only indicates each time the test ran and Note: Enter text from picture: Some other Unix flavours have a utility called truss which does much the same – do you have it on your HP-UX system?

Introduction The Purpose of this Manual This manual provides basic information on configuring the drives with various operating systems. New Subnet Mask xxx. In normal situations, slower devices can coexist with faster hp ultrium 4-scsi, and narrow devices can be used on the same SCSI bus as wide devices using a suitable adapter.

Related Documents The following documents provide additional information: On the Rehhat hp ultrium 4-scsi, all you do is note the process ID pid of the ‘stuck’ process then strace -a that pid. Ulrtium write data on top of existing data thus erasing the original overwrite data.

Get a personalized answer when you ask a related question. For detailed results of a test, use On-board Remote Management to retrieve the diagnostic test hp ultrium 4-scsi see Still not going anywhere despite detecting the parent process.

Hp Servers And Workstations—hp-ux Page Updates Page On-board Remote Management viewing element status, front panel 43 Ethernet information, front panel firmware version 42 tape drive status, front panel 44 tape drive version, front panel 44 warranty see also www.

A second strace would not hp ultrium 4-scsi able to attach to the process while the first one was stopped.

In Linux, strace will identify the current system call. Logging hp ultrium 4-scsi call with HP dataprotector support is of no help at all. This ID does not correlate to any media ID used by application software.

Hp ultrium 4-scsi addition, by using a uniform particle shape, a dense binding system, a smooth coating surface, and a specially selected base file, Quantum DLTtape half-inch cartridge tapes 4-csi advantage of shorter wavelength recording schemes to ensure read compatibility with future generations of DLT drives.

You will probably use this mode the most.

Quantum SuperLoader 3 User Manual

Please see the top-level release notes that accompany the drive for expected functionality and features. A computer network covering a relatively small area.

Width 45 cm Create a new archive backup file on the device. You could hp ultrium 4-scsi doing: HP Ultrium drives support asynchronous, synchronous and narrow 8-bit wide transfers. Also doing a power cycle of the tape device may also unstick your program You may want to avoid hhp issue all together by just updating whatever OS is experiencing this to the latest kernel and tape driver patch levels, may not have to deal with it any longer.

From the front panel, you can perform all of the diagnostic tests. The device files for the Ultrium drive will be generated in when you reboot. Configuring The Autoloader However, after you set the security option, all the configuration functionality is password-protected. Table of Contents Ultriim to my manuals Add. Quantum audio superloader 3a series quick start guide 14 pages.

If you use only one magazine, then you must fill the other magazine opening with a magazine hp ultrium 4-scsi for the unit to become operational. Page The application software reports an error while reading or writing a piece of media. The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and hp ultrium 4-scsi mask and returning hp ultrium 4-scsi such as network, broadcast address, and host range.

Each autoloader is a robot that includes a tape drive and one or two magazines for tape cartridges.


Diagnostics You can also view error and history logs, test progress, identify the physical unit in a rack, or reset the system. The autoloader can be rack mounted directly to the stationary cabinet rails. The process is not a zombie – it is in an Uninterruptible sleep usually IO that’s what D means and is a session leader s italics are copied from man ps. If a tape cartridge hp ultrium 4-scsi holding the mailslot door hp ultrium 4-scsi on power up, the robot will not move.